8. November: Make Wahlabend great again! – Die US-Präsidentschaftswahl live

8. November, ab 22 Uhr; Die Genossenschaft (Prießnitzstr. 20)

Republicans. Democrates. The final night will come.
On November 8th the Great People of the Great Untited States of America elect their next Commander in Chief. Their next President. And it’s worth beeing watched. Join us in the Genossenschaft.

You can bet on the outcome of this fuckedup and rigged election. Just follow the post in the discussion.: https://www.facebook.com/events/1399996153351682/permalink/1400014370016527/

We’ll start at 10 PM.Then some nerds give you some input: How it works. Who will win. And why it’s not an good idea, to talk about pussy when you are a candidate for the the presidency of the United States. Presenters will be the original and famous Swen Steinberg and Marc Dietzschkau.

We will watch some contemporary flicks and then will join the Crooked Hillary Network CNN to see, what the fuck happens there,

We will be there all night. Food and drinks are available. Fun too.

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